Definition of dip net in US English:

dip net


North American
  • A small fishing net with a long handle.

    • ‘In the water, I trust my own grip, although short-handled dip nets make sense in tournaments.’
    • ‘Morton stands at the stern of her boat, dip net poised, waiting for two pink salmon smolts to swim within striking distance.’
    • ‘The 16 spotfin killifish collected at Piermont Marsh were all taken in pit traps or collected with dip nets from small ponds located in the interior marsh.’
    • ‘Estimates of their abundance are based on examination of coarse plant detritus obtained by dip net.’
    • ‘Streams, creeks, and ditches were sampled using fine-meshed dip nets.’
    • ‘Fish typically were collected with longhandled, fine-mesh dip nets.’
    • ‘Aquatic pond recruits are issued knee-high rubber boots, dip nets, collecting pans and microscopes, and nature trail students are equipped with binoculars.’
    • ‘Fishermen use weirs, traps, gill nets, and dip nets for alewives, which they consider one of the easiest fish to catch.’
    • ‘He played the fish around the stern and reached for the long-handled dip net.’
    • ‘For these samples, we illuminated the water surface after dark for 30 to 60 minutes with a battery-powered 50-watt light bulb and collected larval and juvenile fishes attracted by the light with a dip net.’
    • ‘We captured brood-guarding females at night using a submersible torch and hand-held dip net.’
    • ‘All you need is a long-handled dip net and a flashlight with a blue lens.’
    • ‘As they hatched, larvae were collected with a dip net and transferred to cylindrical tanks equipped with a similar flow-through system.’
    • ‘For the few shillings which they cost these little nets make a great dip net for sandeels and if they rust out after a few months you can afford to bin them and take a new one.’
    • ‘Shallow pools of standing water on the high marsh were sampled on each collection date with a finemesh dip net.’
    • ‘Recreational gear include baited hand lines, collapsible traps, trotlines, and dip nets.’
    • ‘Fishes were collected mainly with long - handled dip nets, but small seines were occasionally used in larger pools.’
    • ‘She eased below with the big dip net and, with the sudden strike of an osprey, scooped the fish amid a pummel of spray and gravel.’
    • ‘For the measurements, fish were carefully netted with a dip net, anesthetized with 2-phenoxyethanol, and measured to the nearest 0.1 mm in FL with a digital caliper.’


[with object]North American
  • Catch (fish) using a dip net.

    • ‘Along the shoreline not far off, people dip-netted for hooligan, an oily spring fish.’
    • ‘We saw a number of bears that trip, one skidding down the river bank on his rump to try for sockeye which we'd seen fishermen dip-netting and gaffing above the narrow chasms at Moricetown.’
    • ‘The male was dip-netted and put into a small, water-filled glass box that was placed in fixed position in a large dark-box with a lock that excluded outer light.’
    • ‘Quickly dip net and bring aboard a few hundred flippin’ sardines.’