Definition of dining hall in US English:

dining hall


  • A large room, typically in a school or other institution, in which people eat meals together.

    • ‘We are doing that mainly by improving school meals and by making dining halls more attractive.’
    • ‘There were even training rooms and dining halls and rooms where people could play sports.’
    • ‘The dining hall will also be expanded and the kitchen will undergo renovations.’
    • ‘We all ate dinner together with her friends in the dining hall, so she could show us off.’
    • ‘I got back to Main campus at 6pm and dropped my stuff in my room then made my way to the dining hall.’
    • ‘He made her get out of her room and go to the dining hall and she insisted he wear his false teeth.’
    • ‘A hundred portraits line the corridors of academe, while offices, lecture rooms and even dining halls boast original art.’
    • ‘There was a huge lodge building complete with many rooms, a kitchen and a dining hall.’
    • ‘Communal meals in the dining hall allow you a chance to catch up with friends and make new ones.’
    • ‘The problem of buildings is not simple either, because this type of school should be a boarding school with dormitories, dining halls, specialized libraries, rooms suitable for seminar work, etc.’
    • ‘Before going to the dining hall, we stopped by my room to drop our stuff off.’
    • ‘He dashed out of the room, and into the dining hall, where everyone waited for him.’
    • ‘It owns the Moto chain of motorway service areas, provides school meals and operates the dining halls at many of our higher education establishments.’
    • ‘Enter the restaurant and I'm in a giant room resembling the dining halls found in universities.’
    • ‘Campers live in University residence halls and eat meals at University dining halls.’
    • ‘It was a little past supper time, but there was always extra food in the dining hall after meals, so it wouldn't be too bad.’
    • ‘He walked out of the dining hall and climbed up the stairs to head to his room.’
    • ‘The kitchen and dining halls offer a visual feast with ultra-modern implements.’
    • ‘It was delightful, compared to the conversations with fellow college kids in the dining halls, or my solitary meals in delis or coffee houses hunched over a textbook.’
    • ‘Included in the expansion are renovations to the present dining hall and to kitchen facilities.’


dining hall

/ˈdīniNG ˌhôl/