Definition of dimwit in US English:



  • A stupid or silly person.

    • ‘And all these retail dimwits come out with the same stupid things.’
    • ‘A minor mishap was avoided when a local dimwit, collared to prepare a group photograph, proved less than honest.’
    • ‘The dimwits weren't concerned with whether the vehicles actually existed or if people even wanted them.’
    • ‘The senior agents also seem to employ dimwits to answer the phone precisely because their ignorance will create a useful shield.’
    • ‘It painted the young lady as a dimwit, someone, who had not put careful thought, had not completed the necessary research, and then made an uninformed decision to go ahead with this unique procedure.’
    • ‘It's rather nice to not be accosted with dimwits and society children.’
    • ‘‘We're just kind of dimwits with nothing better to do,’ he jokes.’
    • ‘‘No’ she said sharply ‘but there is no reason for me to talk to brainless dimwits like you, I am after all your prisoner’ she said, and she scowled.’
    • ‘It took me a minute to recognize that these dimwits are afraid that I will steal their jobs.’
    • ‘I personally think he is the most incompetent of all the dimwits I have ended up with.’
    • ‘After mistrusting everything I had been taught because I grew up and realised I was surrounded by uneducated dimwits, I had started to mistrust a lot of what society deems appropriate and inappropriate.’
    • ‘The Florida dimwit, 37, has finally been arrested in connection with last month's attempted killing of seven puppies.’
    • ‘Indeed, the very words ‘male bonding’ are now the stuff of insipid sitcoms where men are portrayed as frightened dimwits, even as women are encouraged to run with wolves.’
    • ‘Two responding foot patrol officers didn't even need backup from a cruiser to collar these dimwits; they just strolled over and stopped 'em.’
    • ‘Let's all us dimwits gather together and stand in their way!’
    • ‘The ‘form book’ beloved of television commentators and other paid dimwits across the planet is cat litter.’
    • ‘It especially showed up the dimwits in the chamber.’
    • ‘This is what causes otherwise innocent young children to grow up into a population of stupid dimwits!’
    • ‘Not even the sight of a marked police patrol car outside the shop deterred the dimwit from seeing his raid through to the bitter end.’
    • ‘A family of prehistoric dimwits go about their daily business, occasionally interrupted by dinosaur attacks and other such primordial dangers.’
    fool, idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
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