Definition of dimensional analysis in US English:

dimensional analysis


  • Analysis using the fact that physical quantities added to or equated with each other must be expressed in terms of the same fundamental quantities (such as mass, length, or time) for inferences to be made about the relations between them.

    • ‘We use the concept of dimensional analysis to distinguish the main physical parameters influencing the vesicle behavior in the three different regimes.’
    • ‘Concepts such as scaling, dimensional analysis, linear and nonlinear stability theory, asymptotic analysis, Fourier methods, and so forth can be effectively taught in the context of continuum mechanics.’
    • ‘On the other hand, simple dimensional analysis of the above equation yields the expectation that wing loading will increase with overall size.’
    • ‘And third, dimensional analysis, such as principal components analysis, draws conclusions from the variation in items.’
    • ‘The idea of dimensional analysis is that in all equations, the units on the left hand side must match those on the right hand side.’


dimensional analysis

/dəˌmen(t)SHənl əˈnaləsəs/