Definition of digs in English:


plural noun

  • Living quarters.

    ‘settled into new digs in Los Angeles’
    • ‘Anyhow, I failed to mention yesterday that you should go over and see Miguel at his new digs.’
    • ‘It was implied that it was some sort of intellectual book and so I stuffed it in my bag and forgot about it until I got back to my digs when I discovered that the book was this though not in that binding.’
    • ‘So it's especially frustrating when your mysteriously marked-down new digs turn out to be haunted by vengeful spirits.’
    • ‘For the record, here's the link to his new digs at Normblog.’
    • ‘I walked back to my digs, light-headed from lack of sleep.’
    • ‘Come celebrate our new digs and the spirit of the holiday season with us.’
    • ‘When I get back to my digs, I climb straight into bed.’
    • ‘If not, well, think of all the time I'll have to redo the new digs.’
    • ‘It takes a particularly brave soul to hand over the keys to his carefully and artfully arranged digs for such an extended period of time - especially to someone like me - one of the blogless.’
    • ‘As a bachelor architect designing my own digs, leaving room for them was pretty much at the bottom of the priorities list.’
    • ‘In January, he got together with the company in its new digs to choreograph a new piece, premiering later this year.’
    • ‘Was nobody else sickened by the spectacle of America's first lady unctuously kissing a TV host and flattering his fey bandleader with phony invitations to come on down the road and drop in at her new digs?’
    • ‘The center's new digs also house recordings, memorabilia, original letters, and first-edition musical scores.’
    • ‘Next time somebody gets murdered or decides to blow their head off at your digs, this South Shore resident is the man you'll soon want to call.’
    • ‘At least Nigel has nice new digs now - complete with sunshine views and indoor plants!’
    • ‘I got back to my digs, it was about 11: 00 am on a damp Friday morning.’
    lodgings, living quarters, quarters, rooms
    accommodation, billet
    lodging place, bedsit, flat, apartment, house, home
    pad, place
    abode, dwelling, dwelling place, residence, domicile, habitation
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Late 19th century: short for diggings, used in the same sense, probably referring to the land where a farmer digs, i.e., works and, by extension, lives.