Definition of digitize in US English:


(British digitise)


[with object]usually as adjective digitized
  • Convert (pictures or sound) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.

    ‘the new police national computer will be capable of storing digitized photographs’
    • ‘The chip and digitized photo are only intended to strengthen the integrity of the Canadian passport.’
    • ‘I could make a game like this using merely digitized photos hotlinked to each other.’
    • ‘Pulse images are digitized by the device and written to disk as a computer file.’
    • ‘When the object is deformed, interference fringes appear, which are digitized via a video camera.’
    • ‘The most significant of these involves digitizing the individual sounds of acoustic instruments and using the data to create a new spectrum of sounds.’
    • ‘The conflict began when that content was digitized and acquired attributes that it had not previously had.’
    • ‘What video capture cards do to put it in simple terms is that these cards use hardware or software compression to digitize your video onto the hard drive on your computer.’
    • ‘Once the roots are clean, a flatbed scanner is then used to digitize images of them for scientists to analyze with computer software.’
    • ‘The internet will run on servers which will themselves be digitized and uploaded onto the internet.’
    • ‘All images were digitized and analyzed to extract the drop profile.’
    • ‘The libraries need to identify collections that need to be digitized.’
    • ‘In order for a computer to process and ultimately analyze these signals, they first must be digitized.’
    • ‘The sound is also there, although, like the first units, digitized speech is still horrid.’
    • ‘Added to this slimmed-down distribution were special configuration and monitoring scripts and the software for digitizing the audio signal.’
    • ‘We also analyzed the structure of the airspaces within each slide by digitizing the image and converting it to black and white and then identifying the length of every pixel line segment lying within an airspace.’
    • ‘Perhaps more important, shared catalog data can help archivists avoid digitizing materials that have already been digitized by other institutions.’
    • ‘The implant works by receiving sound through a speech processor then analyzing and digitizing the sound into a coded signal.’
    • ‘The image is digitised into binary code and saved as a computer file.’
    • ‘You could digitize photographs and put them on the system, but one picture took an entire hard disk.’
    • ‘The software digitized and compressed audio signals before sending them over the Internet.’