Definition of digitalization in US English:


(British digitalisation)


  • See digitalize

    • ‘This growth in software use, equating to a form of digitalisation, occurred between 1984 and the present day.’
    • ‘The Web is indeed a place where race is shaped by digitalization, search engines, ranking of accessible hypertexts, downloadable features, and other aspects peculiar to this media.’
    • ‘However, digitalisation has changed this state of affairs.’
    • ‘Not to let physical limits hold the industry down, new storage technologies are emerging to match the accelerating digitalization and global sharing of information.’
    • ‘Other upgrades include digitalisation of the fire control computer.’


  • See digitalize

    • ‘Rapid digitalization is not necessary in patients with chronic CHF.’
    • ‘Because of these variations, it is inevitable that in some cases rather marked toxicity will develop if any single dose of digitalization is always used…’