Definition of digital watermark in US English:

digital watermark


  • A piece of code embedded in a digital image, video, or audio file in order to provide copyright information, typically being undetectable during normal use of the file.

    ‘you might also consider adding a digital watermark to your photos, which renders them unusable for commercial purposes’
    • ‘Whilst digital watermarks are intended to hold information such as copyright data, the techniques can also be used to embed hidden messages in digital objects.’
    • ‘Each of the episodes contains a digital watermark, which has been blurred out on the versions now circulating online.’
    • ‘The digital watermark is an inaudible signal that can be embedded into any kind of broadcast, both prerecorded and live.’
    • ‘This type of digital watermark tracking puts you on the hook for anything that happens to your files.’
    • ‘The program can also resize the images before the digital watermark is added.’
    • ‘It only takes a few seconds to fire up the app, and the digital watermark usually runs throughout the ad, giving users plenty of time to engage.’
    • ‘It allows you to overlay a visible digital watermark or a logo of your identity and edit copyright info to your images without losing your original metadata.’
    • ‘The system uses digital watermarks, which are embedded into video as sonic alerts above the human hearing spectrum, to coordinate your tablet or phone with real-time TV content.’
    • ‘Those episodes, however, were not in HD quality, and they had visible digital watermarks.’
    • ‘Unwanted objects such as date time stamps, digital watermarks, image and text logos can be erased cleanly too.’