Definition of digital compression in US English:

digital compression


  • A method of reducing the number of bits (zeros and ones) in a digital signal by using mathematical algorithms to eliminate redundant information.

    • ‘Although the film is shot on low quality tape, there is no evidence of digital compression or flaws during the transfer.’
    • ‘Additionally, VEIL data will carry through on home video recordings and also survive digital compression, thereby ensuring availability through time-shift recordings and existing analog TVs and VCRs.’
    • ‘Visually, the transfer is technically perfect, pushing the very limits of the digital compression and space to provide a platform for the stunning visuals.’
    • ‘Three French start-ups that specialize in digital compression and imaging technology have been funded in the past couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Recent technological advancements such as digital compression now allow music videos and other video programming to be transmitted via the Internet from one location to another for subsequent viewing.’
    • ‘Lately, much has been written on the compatibility of digital compression and interdiction.’
    • ‘I could detect no edge enhancement and there was no digital compression present either.’
    • ‘Then you combine that with the digital compression on these discs and you are left with an overall image that leaves a great deal to be desired.’
    • ‘The people who digitally remastered the print and who were responsible for the digital compression are all worthy of a standing ovation.’
    • ‘The need for digital compression is really questionable.’