Definition of digital compact cassette in US English:

digital compact cassette

(also DCC)


  • A format for tape cassettes similar to ordinary audiocassettes but with digital rather than analog recording.

    • ‘The new digital compact cassette is able both to play and to record on digital and old-fashioned cassettes.’
    • ‘Even mini discs and digital compact cassettes should be placed in their boxes.’
    • ‘Signal compression techniques are required for efficient storage of digital audio on media such as digital compact cassettes and mini-discs.’
    • ‘In its report, the government recommends the imposition of the copyright tax on a wide range of IT equipment and electronic media, such as music compact discs, digital audio tapes, digital compact cassettes, mini-discs and the corresponding hardware, including DVD and MP3-reproducing machines, PCs and hard discs.’
    • ‘But far from surpassing the compact disc, neither the digital compact cassette nor the mini disk even approached the CD's performance standard.’
    • ‘The latest generation of consumer products is being integrated to provide new products for home and office: camcorders, electronic still cameras, mini-compact disc players, digital compact cassettes, hand-held televisions, and computers.’
    • ‘For audio tape recording, available formats include the compact cassette, digital audio tape, and digital compact cassette.’
    • ‘A footnote explicitly indicates that this definition extends only to the material objects in which songs are normally fixed: compact discs, digital audio tapes, audio cassettes, long-playing albums, digital compact cassettes and mini-discs.’
    • ‘Companies which are involved in the creation, acquisition and production of recorded music which they market and distribute in the form of compact disks, music cassettes, record albums, digital compact cassettes, video tapes and laser disks are also listed in our directory.’
    • ‘Today, the recording industry has also brought forth digital compact cassettes (DAT and DCC) and the new Mini Disc format.’
    • ‘At present a digital compact cassette usually is designed for use with both digital compact cassettes and conventional analogue compact cassettes.’
    • ‘Ignoring DAT (Digital Audio Tape) and DCC (digital compact cassettes), both new and controversial digital tape formats, cassettes are the only format of prerecorded audio tapes offered for sale today.’