Definition of digital cash in US English:

digital cash

(also digital money)


  • Money that may be transferred electronically from one party to another during a transaction.

    • ‘Satellites acting as depositories for digital cash would allow companies and individuals to move money anywhere, using computers or even handheld devices linked to satellite transceivers.’
    • ‘Electronic commerce in general, and digital money in particular, are lifting the art of regulatory avoidance to new planes.’
    • ‘Anonymous digital cash would accelerate money laundering and encourage tax evasion, U.S. government officials have said.’
    • ‘We have just seen this in relation to e money payment cards, but the same applies to digital cash.’
    • ‘Then again, it's may simply be the transactional aspect - in this case, e-commerce and digital cash - that it is chasing, sensing this will soon be big business for the likes of this company.’
    • ‘‘It could ask for anonymous contributions from the public, and individuals would be able send those contributions using digital cash,’ she wrote.’
    • ‘She is the author of the 1996 essay, which appears to advocate using digital cash to reward people who kill corrupt or otherwise undesirable members of the government.’
    • ‘I might end up looking at digital cash as well, but we'll see.’
    • ‘And that works whereas every attempt to get digital cash going with pilot after pilot have not worked, but if you do it through aggregation, it's already there and then the final piece is bringing the transaction of the moment of value.’
    • ‘Globalization has changed forms of money with the spread of transborder currencies, distinctly supraterritorial denominations, digital cash, and global credit cards.’
    • ‘They survey the things that can go wrong with smart cards and digital money in particular.’
    • ‘It could even serve as a personal, secured wallet for digital cash, so we could use the cellular phone to make online payments, but this application is still useless here in Indonesia.’