Definition of digital in English:



  • 1(of signals or data) expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarization.

    Often contrasted with analog
    • ‘I do not think for one minute that my taking this action will have any effect on our digital signal strength.’
    • ‘A digital signal would not occupy too much space, so this could in fact be pretty good.’
    • ‘We then picked out a new digital cordless, with an extra handset, and paid just £25 for it.’
    • ‘Most Australians, if they want to invest in the hardware, can pick up a digital signal.’
    • ‘We are also focusing on linking the mobile handset to control digital appliances in the home.’
    • ‘In the flood of digital information there are real reasons for what may be described as an increase in capacity and a decrease in content.’
    • ‘Everyone knows the future of music is away from physical media and into digital.’
    • ‘Value has no digital output, but it has two pairs of analog channels.’
    • ‘Students are to gather digital information with cameras and laptops on visits to waste management sites in the district.’
    • ‘Boxes are required to translate the digital binary code back to analog signals for viewing.’
    • ‘His fascination with radio lead him to try to find a technical solution to transmitting digital information using microwaves.’
    • ‘Cellphones and personal digital assistants contain hazardous materials too.’
    • ‘Standard batteries can power digital cellphones for several hours of transmission or days of standby operation.’
    • ‘A digital sound system will provide a thrilling accompaniment to the show.’
    • ‘It can play current digital video cassette tapes for format compatibility with older models.’
    • ‘The acronyms represent some of the common file formats of digital music found on the Internet.’
    • ‘The receiving modem translates the analog signals back to digital form.’
    • ‘The digital signal is converted back to an analog one when it reaches its destination.’
    • ‘This is the problem I have with most personal digital assistants and cell phones that do video.’
    • ‘The company will begin shipping the digital signal processor by the middle of next year, she said.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to, using, or storing data or information in the form of digital signals.
      ‘digital TV’
      ‘a digital recording’
    2. 1.2 Involving or relating to the use of computer technology.
      ‘the digital revolution’
      • ‘He said that there had been a proliferation, matching the speed of the digital revolution, of conflict in the virtual space.’
      • ‘They eagerly welcome new opportunities that are provided by digital technology and the internet.’
      • ‘Readers have remarked before how some digital technology mavens merely acquire, and never seem to listen to what they hoard.’
      • ‘Many of our everyday practices involve the appropriation of digital technologies.’
      • ‘While the book long bound these together, digital technologies are picking at the seams.’
      • ‘The second aspect is the nature of digital technology and the Internet.’
      • ‘The media establishment is still having trouble coming to terms with the digital revolution.’
      • ‘There is renewed optimism about the potential of the Internet and digital technologies.’
      • ‘With technologies merging and the digital revolution moving in, a closer look at movie-making seems timely.’
      • ‘This, it could be argued, is a good example of how the internet and digital world is educating all of us.’
      • ‘Sport will change along with this and will be modified by the introduction of digital technology and the Internet.’
      • ‘Talking to accountants and money-hungry businessmen every day has taken the edge off the digital revolution.’
      • ‘On top of this, this whole situation elevates the issue of computer security and thus Internet technology and the digital world.’
  • 2(of a clock or watch) showing the time by means of displayed digits rather than hands or a pointer.

    • ‘A five-hundred piece jigsaw puzzle and a digital clock radio are good finds for a dollar store.’
    • ‘The digital clock near my bedside read ten o'clock, ushering in my time to leave for school.’
    • ‘At that moment the TV clock appeared on the screen once more, corrected, but not exactly in accord with the digital clock.’
    • ‘She glanced at the small digital clock readout on her wrist before getting back to her feet.’
    • ‘He checked his watch and blinked twice when the green digital clock told him it was half past eleven.’
    • ‘Is it coincidence that our generation is infatuated with digital watches and clocks?’
    • ‘Hell, when compared to clam digging, watching the numbers change on a digital clock is fun.’
    • ‘A text that described how to set a digital clock was used as a practice text.’
    • ‘I sink down in my seat, and watch the digital clock on the dashboard count away.’
    • ‘I glanced at my digital clock radio on my nightstand and decided I had a little over five hours to get ready before we had to leave.’
    • ‘However, it turned out that digital watches needed two hands as well - one to wear them on and one to press the button to find out what the time was.’
    • ‘Friday night came and in the absence of a digital watch I synchronised my mobile phone clock.’
    • ‘I wouldn't have a digital clock in the house and I have never owned a digital watch.’
    • ‘They were betting on the temperature displayed on a digital clock across Liberty Street.’
    • ‘My eyes were glued to the digital clock in the family room.’
    • ‘I watch the minutes change on the digital clock on the nightstand next to my side of the bed.’
    • ‘After shooting a glance at the digital clock on her nightstand she saw that her friend was indeed right.’
    • ‘After that was done, I glanced at the digital clock on the microwave and headed up for a quick shower.’
    • ‘Before the digital stopwatch, when you timed something, you had to do it on a wacky round device that ticked and was just as hard to read as a wall clock.’
    • ‘I see it as folks who prefer digital watches, and don't find anything else to their liking.’
  • 3Relating to a finger or fingers.

    • ‘Biopsy rates reflect the intensity of screening with digital rectal examinations as well as prostate specific antigen.’
    • ‘In a truly thorough palpation, you should do a digital examination in both positions.’
    • ‘Enlargement of the prostate can be diagnosed by the symptoms and digital rectal examination.’
    • ‘The saphenous sometimes provides the medial dorsal digital nerve to the great toe.’
    • ‘The leg is mottled and digital gangrene is common, but pedal pulses are usually palpable.’
    • ‘In males, the prostate should be palpated in addition to digital assessment of the anal canal.’
    • ‘Avoid digital exams if possible unless patient is in labor and delivery is inevitable.’
    • ‘A digital rectal exam should be performed to determine the presence of a distal lesion.’
    • ‘The difficulty with digital examination of the cervix is the lack of consistency between examinations and examiners.’
    • ‘Fifteen percent of colorectal cancers can be detected by digital rectal examination.’
    • ‘Assessment should include anoscopy and a digital examination in the left lateral position.’
    • ‘But it can be recognised early by periodic blood tests and digital rectal examinations.’


Late 15th century: from Latin digitalis, from digitus ‘finger, toe’.