Definition of diffusivity in US English:



  • A measure of the capability of a substance or energy to be diffused or to allow something to pass by diffusion.

    ‘the diffusivity of heat’
    count noun ‘the two components should have different diffusivities’
    • ‘Steady-state diffusion of water along the two defined pathways depends on the concentration gradient and on the diffusivity of the substance.’
    • ‘Once the residue moved close enough to the lipid headgroups to interact, due to the limited diffusivity of the lipid molecules in the timescale of the simulation, the lysine residue stayed bound to the lipid headgroup region.’
    • ‘Such modelling depends on the heat output, thermal decay and other properties of the waste and geological factors such as thermal conductivities and diffusivities of the host rock.’
    • ‘The normal diffusivity of the ions is in accord with the high activity of water in the channel.’
    • ‘Groundwater gradients may take extremely long periods to equilibrate to significant changes in surface pressures, depending on the hydraulic diffusivity of the rock mass (the ratio of hydraulic conductivity to storage coefficient).’