Definition of diffuseness in US English:



  • See diffuse

    • ‘Such a style makes for lively and non-authoritarian reading, but also for a diffuseness which makes it hard to follow the argument or discern the points being made.’
    • ‘The diffuseness of the shire was increased by the fact that the county town was not Aylesbury, near the middle, but the smaller town of Buckingham in the extreme north-west corner.’
    • ‘Alas, intellectually fascinating issues are raised only to become bogged down in the essay's general diffuseness.’
    • ‘The very diffuseness and decentralization of popular constitutionalism left room for these advocates of judicial supremacy to continue to nurse their claim.’
    • ‘And there seems to be a diffuseness to the decision-making process that means it's impossible to get someone to take a wider view on anything and still have the power to act on it.’