Definition of diffusely in US English:



  • See diffuse

    • ‘The inflammatory process also focally affected the epididymis and diffusely affected the peritesticular soft tissues and spermatic cord.’
    • ‘Numerous lymphoid cells were diffusely distributed in the bone marrow interstitium, comprising approximately 40% of the total cellularity.’
    • ‘We report the case of a 1-month-old infant who presented with stridor and was found to have a diffusely infiltrating tumor in the thymus that extended into the pericardium and up the carotid sheaths.’
    • ‘This finding is particularly important, since the tumor cells were strongly and diffusely positive for neuron-specific enolase, a commonly used but less specific neuroendocrine marker.’
    • ‘Clinically the tongue appeared diffusely bulky and somewhat irregular (in part because of prior surgical excisions) but exhibited normal color, texture, and movement.’