Definition of diesel-hydraulic in US English:



  • Denoting or relating to a locomotive driven by a hydraulic transmission system powered by a diesel engine.

    • ‘Other customers put stationary diesel-hydraulic grabs in a port for unloading their own vessels.’
    • ‘An arrangement for operating a diesel-hydraulic drive on a construction machine in limit-load control with a microprocessor controller in which the installed hydraulic power is greater than the rated output of the diesel engine.’
    • ‘This ultimately led to the downfall of the diesel-hydraulic locomotive in Britain.’
    • ‘As there are reasonably easy sections, the line was worked by ‘rack-and-adhesion’ locomotives, the principle of which was applicable to all three types but not to an experimental diesel-hydraulic locomotive seen on site in 1963.’
    • ‘This locomotive model is based on a diesel hydraulic locomotive produced for Canadian Pacific in the 1960's.’
    • ‘The company built three diesel-hydraulic locomotives for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1964, an attempt to provide a domestic alternative to its small fleet of German Krauss-Maffei hydraulic locomotives.’
    • ‘The US EPA and its industry partners today unveiled the world's first diesel-hydraulic series-hybrid delivery truck.’
    • ‘Featuring a 3,600-kilowatt engine, the locomotive is designed to reach speeds between 75 mph and 99 mph - the most powerful diesel-hydraulic vehicle of its kind in Europe, according to the company.’
    • ‘Faced with a steam locomotive fleet that was becoming too old and expensive to operate, the Emu Bay Railway purchased a diesel-hydraulic locomotive from Great Britain in 1953, with the intent of replacing steam locomotives on the mainline.’
    • ‘Each train consists of a diesel-hydraulic locomotive at the southern end, five trailer coaches and at the northern end, a driver control unit with passenger space.’
    • ‘A radio-controlled, diesel-hydraulic, orange-peel grab, it is also used for working with scrap.’
    • ‘Small diesel-hydraulic units were tried by GMD but, they were unable to develop a market for them.’


  • A diesel-hydraulic locomotive.

    • ‘The first examples of the Western Region's main line diesel-hydraulics had appeared the previous year and Cornwall was planned to be one of the first areas of BR to banish steam altogether.’
    • ‘It is now 27 years since the reign of the diesel-hydraulics on British Rail finally drew to a close.’
    • ‘The Kings maintained their role on B.R's Western Region until the arrival of the diesel-hydraulics, firstly to the West of England services and then to the Birmingham route in 1962.’
    • ‘The diesel hydraulics, although exclusively "Western", were not the only diesel classes that came out of the late 1950's and early 1960's.’
    • ‘Upon this, permission was given to order a small number of diesel-hydraulics as part of the pilot scheme.’
    • ‘When the end of diesel-hydraulics was announced, the ‘Westerns’ strangely were given an extended lease of life because the policy was to eliminate the less efficient MAN engined fleets first and then the ‘Warships’ followed by the ‘Hymeks’.’
    • ‘The first segment covers the Diesel Hydraulics of the Western Region, then comes their replacement by Diesel Electrics.’