Definition of diencephalic in US English:



  • See diencephalon

    • ‘He showed that electro-acupuncture stimulation can affect the diencephalic area of the brain, a region that promotes the body's own healing responses.’
    • ‘The red nucleus has been cleaned so that its larger, spherical mesencephalic part can be distinguished from the more rostral, ovoid diencephalic part.’
    • ‘Transversal cut at the level of the anterior preoptic area showing ACTH-immunoreactivity cell groups around the diencephalic ventricle.’
    • ‘To elucidate the diencephalic organization at such an early stage of development, we first established a rostral neural plate gene expression map.’
    • ‘Two cases studies of infants with a diencephalic syndrome resulting from optic nerve glioma are presented.’