Definition of die-in in US English:



  • A demonstration in which people lie down as if dead.

    ‘should it be a mass die-in on the campus main lawn?’
    • ‘Throughout all of this, people kept kneeling, praying, crying, and staging theatrical die-ins in front of the fort.’
    • ‘Every day brings new reports of sit-ins, sit-downs and die-ins led by schoolchildren across the UK - the other day there was even a riot against the war.’
    • ‘The die-in involved thirty students who marched the campus halls with signs, drums, and bullhorns in an effort to encourage their fellow students to join the downtown rally.’
    • ‘Many of the protesters did not go to the free-speech zone, instead having sit-ins, die-ins.’
    • ‘We demonstrated outside the university library, had an air raid siren going off and held a die-in, and did a banner drop from the 100-metre high clock tower.’
    • ‘We continued our die-in for about five minutes before we decided to leave.’
    • ‘Students from nine universities in London and the south east took part in die-ins today to demonstrate against the pending war with Iraq.’
    • ‘The media coverage was very sympathetic, even the Head of the police, when interviewed, had the decency to not try to connect the paint job to either the protesters or the die-in.’
    • ‘On the anniversary of the huge demonstration on 15 February 2003, we are planning a mass die-in at Parliament Square.’
    • ‘That was back when I was a lady of the left, doyenne of popular protests and die-ins.’