Definition of dichlorvos in English:



  • A pale yellow liquid used as an insecticide and veterinary anthelmintic.

    • ‘Ministers were advised last July to recall dozens of household insecticides containing the chemical dichlorvos, because of new evidence that it could cause cancer.’
    • ‘Experiments in greenhouses and food storage areas show that 90 percent of the applied dichlorvos disappeared in three to six hours.’
    • ‘This product contained the active ingredients rotenone and dichlorvos - and dichlorvos, I later learned, is an organophosphate.’
    • ‘It is known commercially to treat salmon suffering from infestation with sea lice by the use of the insecticide dichlorvos.’
    • ‘But it was recently found that some ham manufacturers here were so blinded by greed that they spread dichlorvos, a pesticide, on the ham so that flies would be kept off it.’


Mid 20th century: from elements of the systematic name (see above).