Definition of diapiric in US English:



  • See diapir

    • ‘The sparse evidence includes the Buck Mesa 1 hydrocarbon well on the flank of the Dome and seismic reflection and refraction data, which have been interpreted to show that diapiric evaporites are absent beneath the structure.’
    • ‘In particular they show that the conspicuous strike swing in the host rocks around the complex is an earlier structure, that passively controlled emplacement, and is not the result of diapiric pluton emplacement.’
    • ‘Folds associated with intraformational faults in the Tertiary mudstones of the southernmost North Sea show a similar asymmetry, with anticlines locally developing into diapiric structures.’
    • ‘Many scientists think that hotspots mark locations where diapiric convection cells, called mantle ‘plumes’, rise beneath lithospheric plates.’
    • ‘They flow under differential loading and when subjected to such loading or tectonic stress can produce diapiric structures, many of which have associated traps for hydrocarbons.’