Definition of diametrical in US English:



  • 1Used to emphasize how completely different two or more things are.

    ‘he's the diametrical opposite of Gabriel’
    • ‘Lester Bangs and Ian MacDonald have more than that in common, although in many ways they were diametrical opposites.’
    • ‘He considers that the American students are getting not a liberal education but, ‘its diametrical opposite, an education in closed-mindedness and intolerance.’’
    • ‘In practice, the German Greens - who appear to be the main authors of this document - have been acting in diametrical opposition to these proclaimed aims.’
    • ‘On the contrary it is in diametrical opposition to it.’
    • ‘From the outset the SEP has made clear that it stands in diametrical opposition to the two bourgeois parties and all their apologists.’
    • ‘We can identify our vision simply as the diametrical opposite to the neo-conservative fantasies animating this country's foreign policy today.’
    • ‘I still regard myself as an environmentalist but I often find myself in almost diametrical disagreement with most of those who professionally use that title.’
    • ‘But what passes for secularism in India is often the diametrical opposite of what goes by the same name in the West.’
    • ‘The contrast to Washington's current political climate is as diametrical as the opposite seasons of the two countries.’
    • ‘And if you run down the programs of the Greens and the Nazis point by point, you find similar kinds of diametrical opposites.’
    • ‘The ‘modern West’ and ‘medieval Islam’ are supposed to stand in natural and diametrical opposition to each other’
    • ‘Future film attempts to portray Arabs objectively must challenge the stereotypes of an Arab persona that is diametrical to accepted values.’
    • ‘‘The only way you can write something that survives is that someone who's your diametrical opposite can agree with it,’ says Jimmy Wales, a founder of Wikipedia.’
    direct, absolute, complete, exact, extreme
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  • 2Of or along a diameter.

    • ‘The signification of the 7th house for opponents and ‘opposite numbers’ - both in love and war - can to some extent be explained by its diametrical aspect to the ascendant.’
    • ‘Machine operators achieve sub-micron tolerances on cylindricity, which is then match-fit to similar diametrical tolerances.’
    • ‘The rum-shop and grocery that stood on the diametrical axis, across Old St Joseph Road from our front-bedroom, was frequently robbed.’
    • ‘Other available test methods include axial compression (UCS based) and indirect diametrical tensile testing, which is preferred by Austab.’
    • ‘Where direct determination is to be performed, a variety of test methods (including repeated load triaxial, indirect diametrical tensile and unconfined compression) are available.’


Mid 16th century (in diametrical (sense 2)): from Greek diametrikos (from diametros ‘measuring across’: see diameter)+ -al.