Definition of dialectology in US English:



  • The branch of linguistics concerned with the study of dialects.

    • ‘In generative dialectology, the investigator holds that the language exists within the speaker as a competence which is never fully realized in performance.’
    • ‘In this respect the study of dialects or dialectology has to do with boundaries, which often coincide with geographical features such as rivers and mountains.’
    • ‘Worse, this stuff may give readers the mistaken impression that Geoff believes that the G&M media bias paper is somehow about the ideology of Portuguese dialectology.’
    • ‘Deviations occur increasingly from the 16th cent., but few fully localized texts, showing sufficient diagnostic features for a more detailed dialectology, occur before the 18th.’
    • ‘Regarding the second principle, the lessons of historical linguistics and dialectology provide the strongest arguments available for the linguistic validity of U.S. Spanish.’