Definition of dial something in (or into) in US English:

dial something in (or into)

phrasal verb

  • 1Indicate or regulate by means of a dial.

    ‘you're expected to dial in volume and tone settings’
    • ‘Then try out our methodology to dial in the just-right combination of image quality and frame rate.’
    • ‘You can dial in contrast, brightness, and individual RGB levels for the incoming signal from a PC's graphics card.’
    • ‘I can now dial in the speed I require, anywhere from 25 to 60 mph, and relax.’
    • ‘It has an infinitely adjustable two-bolt head so you can dial in your saddle tilt.’
    • ‘It's something you can dial in on your own with some experimentation.’
    • ‘This allows you to dial in reasonable settings in front of clients before switching in the processing.’
    • ‘As the day wore on I noticed we had to dial in more elevation and although we were still making consistent hits at 300 yards I suspected we had shot the barrel out.’
    • ‘It floats through bends, refusing to step out, until you learn to push its limits and then it will take the exit with any level of oversteer you care to dial in.’
    • ‘Essentially, this is a glass-based system that allows the driver to dial in the amount of diffusion that he or she is comfortable with.’
    • ‘We also really liked being able to dial in different effects from the NSP engine depending on the type of audio material we were listening to.’
    • ‘In general, digital tuners seem to work better, and are certainly easier to setup, since you can dial in the exact desired frequency.’
    1. 1.1 Include or add.
      ‘the car has a lot of understeer dialed into the suspension’
      • ‘Don't even think about stepping onto a glacier until you've dialed in these mountaineering skills.’
      • ‘After living with three kitchens in less than two years, I have dialed in many of my future kitchen's must-haves.’
      • ‘Argue the point all you want, but virtually every modern car bar the hardest TVRs have understeer dialled in to safeguard the occupants.’
      • ‘There's nothing basic or unrefined about the little hatchback, but the engineers have managed to dial in great dollops of fun.’
      • ‘In addition, Toyota's engineers have dialed in a comfortable seatback angle, which means long trips in the back seats are enjoyable.’