Definition of dial in (or into) in US English:

dial in (or into)

phrasal verb

  • Access a computer system or service remotely via a telephone line.

    ‘there's no need to dial in to see if you have mail’
    ‘remote workers or traveling employees can dial into the data network’
    • ‘Once you dial in to your ISP, all you have to do is load whatever browser you want to use.’
    • ‘Curious, I dialed into voicemail and played back the message.’
    • ‘The overwhelming majority of the pay-as-you-go customers dial in less than once a month and generate little if any revenue.’
    • ‘We dialled into the Internet and went to AltaVista.’
    • ‘So each time I dial in for mail and, perhaps, a little surf session, a meter starts back at the phone exchange and the pennies begin to tick away.’
    • ‘The company blamed heavier than anticipated usage of the service for the temporary suspension, after existing customers were unable to dial in.’
    • ‘She found the password written on the first page of her phone book and dialed into the voice mail system.’
    • ‘There's 10/100 wired Ethernet, and users can dial in using the built-in 57Kbps modem.’
    • ‘The new generation of wireless devices means it is now possible to remain constantly connected to the office, without the need to dial in.’
    • ‘This address will normally change each time you dial in, which makes it hard for a hacker to identify your individual machine.’
    • ‘Whenever you dial in to an Internet connection, your ISP can determine your phone number with caller ID.’