Definition of diagenesis in English:



  • The physical and chemical changes occurring during the conversion of sediment to sedimentary rock.

    • ‘The free carbonate fraction is dominated by calcite that probably precipitated during early diagenesis, in contact with diagenetic pore water.’
    • ‘These processes, collectively termed sedimentary diagenesis, occur through interactions between sediment grains and the waters in contact with them.’
    • ‘Comparisons with the potential source rocks of these sediments suggest little alteration during sediment transport and diagenesis.’
    • ‘This writer has found that many investigations of burial diagenesis, whether of carbonates or of clastics, proceed in six steps that roughly correspond to those in the top half of Figure 15.’
    • ‘This article is geared primarily to individuals, students as well as professionals, who are relatively new to carbonate diagenesis and petroleum reservoir rocks.’