Definition of diaconal in US English:



  • Relating to a deacon, or to the role of a deacon.

    • ‘Barbara focuses on grass-roots development and diaconal work within Lutheran churches in East Africa.’
    • ‘The emphasized womanly duties have brought, up to now, not only women into ecclesiastical diaconal service, but also many priests and lay people.’
    • ‘The titles of these ministries are varied: deacons and deaconesses, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry; some even lack titles or rostered status.’
    • ‘Further, noted Baptists have interpreted in radically different ways the potential contributions of women in diaconal roles.’
    • ‘What diaconal roles did Baptist churches give to women in Colonial America?’
    • ‘As an expression of support for the Iraqi brethren at this difficult time, the Board of MERF agreed to use reserve funds to provide the Assembly of the churches in Iraq with emergency diaconal aid.’
    • ‘As the autonomy of the local church kicks in (coupled with open-minded assessments of the spirit of Christ toward women), oppressive views of women in diaconal roles will increasingly get kicked out.’
    • ‘Strands of diaconal ministry are named in three categories: the deacon in the church, the deacon in the world, and the deacon on the boundary.’
    • ‘First, in light of the directive concerning Prayer Book services generally, the reference to ‘the people’ may be taken to signal the order of laity as distinct from the diaconal and priestly orders which are also alluded to.’
    • ‘I had the good fortune to discover this in my own ministry, partly because I was constantly acting in a diaconal role to my bishop as his director of ordination candidates or as the provost of his cathedral.’
    • ‘The earliest Christian litanies are sets of diaconal petitions with a congregational response such as ‘Kyrie eleison’ or ‘Grant this, O Lord’.’
    • ‘This fall she will begin studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, pursuing candidacy for diaconal ministry with the hope of working in the area of peacemaking.’
    • ‘Eventually, that somewhat democratic procedure was restricted to the pastors of Roman parishes and the heads of the city's seven diaconal stations.’
    • ‘We were driven by Santo Piccione, a watch-repairer and fine deacon from the Santa Elisabetta church who takes one day off each week to do his diaconal duties.’
    • ‘Kasper notes, among other things, that one of the diaconal duties, rooted in ordination, is service to the needy.’
    • ‘One of the members of the council is the rector, who is responsible for worship, teaching, diaconal work and mission.’
    • ‘The challenge, Keffer said, is to connect with the church and the world in a meaningful way for diaconal ministry.’
    • ‘Thus seminarians are free to marry before diaconal ordination, even in the United States.’
    • ‘In many ways this approach directly challenges Orthodox theology, which traditionally has looked inwards, stressing an approach that combines practical diaconal service, salvation and spirituality.’
    • ‘This book is to be highly recommended, not just as a historical study but as paradigmatic for the kind of liturgical, diaconal, and missionary theology needed in the church today.’


Early 17th century: from ecclesiastical Latin diaconalis, from diaconus (see deacon).