Definition of dhyana in US English:



  • (in Hindu and Buddhist practice) profound meditation which is the penultimate stage of yoga.

    • ‘As mentioned earlier, Zen meditation has partial roots in dhyana, an altered state of consciousness that originated with yoga.’
    • ‘And of Rolf, he says, ‘It is not that he pushes his regular students into pranayama, dharana or dhyana after they have mastered the basic asanas.’’
    • ‘I have formulated a routine, which consists of asanas, pranayamas (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditation).’
    • ‘Buddhist art is dhyana, a meditation practiced by monks and artists alike.’
    • ‘Clearly we see ample evidence that the ancient seers considered it very important that the mind be cleared and prepared to fully experience dhyana and one of the most powerful tools in preparation for dhyana is mantra and pranayama.’


From Sanskrit dhyāna.