Definition of dholak in English:



  • A dhol, especially a relatively small one.

    • ‘This is a more reflective music than the joyous abandon of Qawwali; tabla and dholak provide the shifting, cyclical heartbeats that underpin Parveen's song, shadowed by harmonium and bansuri flute.’
    • ‘The sokah was born when a major African singer - Ras Shorty I - inculcated Indian rhythms with dholak and tabla.’
    • ‘When darkness set in Chennai on Monday, with the mysticism came the sounds of the ektara, dholak, and raw, raspy voices.’
    • ‘The poetic delicacy of her singing, the rhythm underlined by traditional dholak and harmonium stole the hearts.’
    • ‘The very emergence of soca is a tribute to Indian percussion instruments, particularly tabla, dholak, dhantal and jhanj.’


Hindi, from ḍhol (see dhol) + the diminutive suffix -ak.