Definition of dexterously in US English:


(also dextrously)


  • See dexterous

    • ‘The test of his life will be how dextrously and how ethically he is able both to make and withhold the kinds of concession that might bring him the presidency.’
    • ‘She quickly and dexterously gathered it all up in her free hand, and smiled up at Mercer.’
    • ‘It's a superb album, dextrously mixing disparate styles into a sound that's entirely its own.’
    • ‘Next to her, hands working dexterously on a customer's head, another woman is busily putting the finishing touches to a ‘straightback’ hairstyle.’
    • ‘She clicks the top of her pen several times and flips it dexterously around her fingers like a majorette twirling a baton.’