Definition of dewlap in US English:



  • A fold of loose skin hanging from the neck or throat of an animal, especially that present in many cattle.

    • ‘In tree lizards, the male morphs are represented by differences in the coloration of the dewlap (throat fan) used in social communication.’
    • ‘The creature which is purely Indian is hump-backed, long horned, and sports a large dewlap.’
    • ‘Fire burst from its open mouth, its eyes glowed with a smouldering glare, its muzzle and hackles and dewlap were outlined in flickering flame.’
    • ‘Androgen treatment of adult female tree lizards has also revealed potential genotypes underlying dewlap color in this species.’
    • ‘Since 1960 the Southeast Asian nation has claimed the kouprey - an ox with spectacular crescent-shaped horns and a dewlap under its chin - as its national symbol.’
    • ‘Burchell's zebras can be distinguished from mountain zebras by the possession of ‘shadow stripes’ on the back and hindquarters, and the absence of a dewlap.’
    • ‘Exposed skin of the ceres, dewlaps, horns, bills or legs may be brightly colored red or blue.’
    • ‘Common sites of injection in birds include the wing web, wattle, dewlap, and interdigitary skin.’
    • ‘Wattle, OT congenital cervical tragus, is a term coined by Clarke1 to describe an unusual skin appendage found on the neck analogous to growths on the dewlaps of birds (turkeys, roosters, etc).’
    • ‘They're the bright, neon-green iguanas of mainland South America, garish, streetwise cousins of the clean-living marine iguanas of the Galápagos, with dangling dewlaps and a decadent string of fringe down their backs.’
    • ‘Double chins and dewlaps, dimpled knees and canyon cleavages jiggle and shimmer in the harsh glare of the stage lights.’
    • ‘In this species, males exhibit one of three ARTs that are correlated with variation in dewlap color.’
    • ‘They have a large dewlap or fatty lump on the back of the neck which, among other things, is useful for stopping the yoke from slipping off.’
    • ‘Dad was about five-foot-eight of brown-haired game show loser, a sausage-eating mutt in his mid-thirties, growing dewlaps and a gut, dressed in shorts and a Six Flags Over Georgia T-shirt.’
    • ‘I assure you that I make it a point to smile at least twice daily - to keep the dewlap under control.’


Middle English: from dew and lap, perhaps influenced by a Scandinavian word (compare with Danish doglæp).