Definition of dewater in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Drain (a waterlogged or flooded area).

    • ‘The gallery is dewatered by two pumping stations and via the middle access.’
    • ‘Here in Florida, any road construction requires the entire site be dewatered.’
    • ‘We had asked the person whose job it was to dewater both worksite and access ways, to do so…’
    • ‘Phase I called for dewatering and rehabilitating the No.6 shaft, sinking the shaft to the 45th level, cutting seven level stations, and diamond drilling the conglomerate bed.’
    • ‘He said the monitoring committee, which includes Dúchas, examined dewatering of the area and the effect this would have on the fen.’
    • ‘It dewatered the mine and did some mining and smelting on the site.’
    • ‘It was hard to get suction because our pump is designed for dewatering something on our ship, not a little boat like this.’
    • ‘After dewatering, installation of electricity, telephone and rock and cable bolting the mine was ready to take its first visitors.’
    • ‘We began by dewatering the site, followed by a geophysical survey and excavation of nearly 20 m2.’
    • ‘The saga of the Bristol mine relates to its death in 1934-when it closed during the Depression - and its rebirth in 1948-when new owners dewatered the mine and began production.’
    • ‘Because these specimens were collected after the mine had been flooded and subsequently dewatered, the rhombohedra show considerable etching caused by acidic mine waters.’
    • ‘This company needed the remainder of that year just to dewater the mine.’
    • ‘‘Then we put a pump inside the pipe and begin dewatering,’ explains Barnett.’
    • ‘The road travels through soft areas that require extensive dewatering and stabilization with imported materials.’
    • ‘The program would include installing a surface plant and dewatering the No.3 shaft to the 9th level, followed by drifting on that level and test stoping the Calumet and Hecla Conglomerate lode.’
    • ‘It was clear that the site would have to be dewatered before further work could be conducted.’
    • ‘Millions of dollars were spent in dewatering the Centennial mine, deepening both the No.3 and No.6 shafts, and constructing a pilot concentrator plant that milled ore from June 1975 to October 1976.’
    • ‘Within only a few hours all the shafts had been dewatered and mining at the lower levels could continue, providing work for additional men.’
    • ‘These were recovered after the upper level of the Champion mine was dewatered by Nordlander and his partner and some minimal mining on the vein took place.’
    • ‘Construction dewatering was accomplished by using monitoring wells to confirm performance.’
    1. 1.1 Remove water from (sediment or waste materials).
      • ‘Freezing has been demonstrated to improve dewatering in manure, improving settling and filtering.’
      • ‘The frequent occurrence of sediment dewatering structures (notably in facies V) provides ample evidence for high sedimentation rates.’
      • ‘When they are 95 per cent dewatered, sludges are put into pellet form - superior for disposal purposes because in becoming pellets, nearly all of the pathogenic bacteria are killed.’
      • ‘Besides the ‘high quality of effluent’ discharged into the nearby Klipspruit River, Olifantsvlei thickens, dewaters and composts 100 tons of sludge it receives each day, in one of the largest composting facilities in the world.’
      • ‘The upgraded and refurbished plant has a new intake system, an upgraded and refurbished treatment plant, a new clearwater tank and pumping station and a sludge processing and dewatering facility.’
      • ‘In its vertical configuration, the system has been adapted successfully as a filter press for cost-effective sludge dewatering.’
      • ‘It seems my ever over-optimistic supervisor, John Bartlett, thinks it is time I published a review paper on sludge dewatering for a peer reviewed journal.’
      • ‘Anglian Water wants to build the new sludge dewatering plant at its Stock Road works and plans to close a pipeline to take sewage to Stambridge for treatment, built only five years ago.’
      • ‘It said the time taken for the sludge to travel the 6km from Southend to Stambridge caused a build-up of hydrogen sulphide and has corroded the equipment in the dewatering plant, as well as presented a health risk to workers there.’
      • ‘Mud volcanoes indicate that this subcretion occurs where dewatering stiffens the subducted sediments.’
      • ‘With this pressure gone, the weight of the sediments would dewater the sediments by squeezing the water up through all of the sediment layers, carrying with it sand and silt and leaving it in ever-widening cracks called clastic dykes.’
      • ‘Inorganic sedimentary structures such as gas-evasion marks, load and dewatering structures, are common in the Twitya Formation.’
      • ‘We need to identify their migration pathways through the dewatering, compacting and deforming sediments to better understand the hydrogeologic and sedimentary processes in sedimentary basins and continental margins.’
      • ‘The sediments from Dunure are frequently rippled and show examples of dewatering structures, desiccation cracks and foam marks.’
      • ‘‘When the sludge gets dewatered, it becomes a cake,’ Andersen explains.’