Definition of devotee in English:



  • 1A person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about someone or something.

    ‘a devotee of classical music’
    • ‘That is driving significant sales increases across Apple's product range as more consumers become Apple devotees.’
    • ‘To TV devotees and music fans this failure to preserve such key national moments has been condemned as an act of cultural vandalism.’
    • ‘But I happen to be a great devotee of and admirer of the two-party system in this country.’
    • ‘Yesterday's Derby was a notable one for devotees of Radio Five Live.’
    • ‘Good news for devotees of the York-based crime novels of John Baker.’
    • ‘She becomes a devotee of death, addicted to the most shuddery of Grimms' fairy tales and a book for the terminally ill called A Hundred Ways to Die.’
    • ‘Will the Government listen or are they such devotees of the policy of the economic right that they will carry on regardless?’
    • ‘Lowell, a scion of a prominent Boston family, was a devotee of Asian culture and an accomplished amateur astronomer.’
    • ‘It is only too easy for a devotee of a complex theory to be impressed when it fits and to explain away the problems when it does not fit.’
    • ‘Her French / Indian fusion cuisine won her many devotees and glowing reviews in the American media.’
    • ‘The Civil War has generated a myriad of publications that address the interests of its devotees.’
    • ‘Roundfort Community Centre continues to be a popular choice with bingo devotees every Wednesday night.’
    • ‘In this sense, he was a devotee of material cultural before the field of material culture blossomed into what it is today.’
    • ‘This is a slight promotional plug on my part, but there are a lot of Star Wars devotees on this board, and you might well be interested in this prog.’
    • ‘Photography is attracting a whole new generation of lens devotees.’
    • ‘It may fail to bother the upper reaches of the charts, but should not disappoint previous devotees while impressing the uninitiated.’
    • ‘It was only later, after going solo, that he went all interesting, becoming a devotee of prehistoric Britain.’
    • ‘Henry was a serial adulterer; he too had a difficult relationship with Anselm; and he too was a devotee of knightly culture and worldly luxury.’
    • ‘What is it about tai chi that makes its devotees want to freak people out by always doing it in public?’
    • ‘His article New Kids On The Blog described the spread of the trend and its typical devotees.’
    enthusiast, fan, fanatic, addict, lover, aficionado, admirer
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    1. 1.1A strong believer in a particular religion or god.
      ‘devotees of Krishna’
      ‘devotees thronged the temple’
      • ‘I was a devotee of the Omoto religion and was doing volunteer work for the church in Kameoka.’
      • ‘It was many decades later that his devotees built a small ashram for him to live.’
      • ‘His best and most learned priest, Deva-svami, was a devotee of Vishnu who preached sad-dharma.’
      • ‘In fact, at times it seems that there are more volunteers than devotees at the temple.’
      • ‘The resplendent Lord bestows affluence on the devotee who offers worship and oblations.’
      • ‘She was a devotee of the new religion of ‘Konkokyo’ which worshiped a folk god named Konjin.’
      • ‘During festivals, devotees carrying offerings parade to the shore and worship the sea as God.’
      • ‘This year more than one million Hindu devotees celebrated Thai Pusam at Batu Caves alone.’
      • ‘Following the instructions, devotees recovered the Deity and returned it to the temple.’
      • ‘Temples were built to enshrine these images of the Almighty and give devotees a place to worship.’
      • ‘For centuries both Buddhist and Hindu devotees have made the pilgrimage to the sacred shrines at Muktinath.’
      • ‘The son of a prosperous Hindu trader, Bhai Pheru, Guru Angad was an ardent devotee of the Hindu goddess Durga.’
      • ‘Only the saintly devotee - the true disciple of God - can perceive the Lord's presence at all times.’
      • ‘May God grant strength and will power to all his devotees to uphold and work on the line initiated by Gurudeva.’
      • ‘God is also Omniscient; hence He sees the sincerity of Worship of a devotee in whichever form the devotee worships Him.’
      • ‘The god is worshipped as an icon and the devotee is the archaka.’
      • ‘This boy, a Syrian like his mother, was a devotee of the Sun God and was actually a priest of the god at Emesa, called Elagabalus.’
      • ‘As busy as he was, he made time to take phone calls from the temple devotees.’
      • ‘The common devotee should ascertain the sadhu's level of knowledge and devotion, and who is his guru and lineage.’
      • ‘It's certainly not unusual for devotees of that great Religion of Peace to act that way.’
      follower, adherent, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, champion, disciple, votary, partisan, member, friend, stalwart, fanatic, zealot
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