Definition of devitrify in English:



  • (with reference to glass or vitreous rock) become or make hard, opaque, and crystalline.

    [no object] ‘glasses are not particularly stable materials, and in the course of time they devitrify’
    ‘bands of devitrified glass’
    • ‘According to Aghabawa, the rhyolites were extruded as siliceous lava, which solidified as glass and was subsequently devitrified.’
    • ‘There was also some devitrifying glass that needed the same epoxy infusion as that in the Easter Morning window.’
    • ‘These ashes would rapidly hydrate and devitrify, yielding highly soluble sodium silicates that produce silica gels, clinoptilolite, and montmorillonite.’
    • ‘Thunder eggs with minimal or no external ribs and of a comparatively uniform spherical shape (locally known as ‘cannon balls’) are composed only of siliceous, devitrified rhyolite without a central cavity.’
    • ‘Broken and devitrified pieces were glued and consolidated, and the painted areas received some infill painting to restore the overall look.’
    • ‘I think it might need another fusing, though it worries me a bit, because that will be number 4 (first one is when it's made), and this glass might devitrify.’
    • ‘The tendency of glass to devitrify is a result of the atoms moving from a higher to a lower energy state.’
    • ‘Because of their tendency to crystallize (devitrify), most natural terrestrial glasses are geologically young.’
    • ‘They have a porphyritic texture with prismatic plagioclase phenocrystals, small, aciculate plagioclase crystals and a partially devitrified, near-opaque matrix.’