Definition of devitrification in US English:



  • See devitrify

    • ‘High-viscosity silica gel produced by the hydration and devitrification of volcanic ashes can eventually concentrate in any open space, such as the cast of a limb.’
    • ‘These structures may be evidence of early nucleation and devitrification (with corresponding vapor formation) that preceded that in the surrounding host rhyolite.’
    • ‘It has been proposed that the latter formed either as residual gas bubbles in the rhyolite or from coalesced volatiles derived by the devitrification process in the still-hot lava.’
    • ‘The presence of glass 4 billion years old on the Moon indicates that water is crucial to the rate of devitrification.’
    • ‘All melt inclusions and matrix glasses chosen were completely glassy, i.e. they had not undergone any devitrification and did not contain microlites or microphenocrysts.’