Definition of devitalization in US English:


(British devitalisation)


  • See devitalize

    • ‘Although it allowed for precise mapping and removal of skin cancers, the fixative applied during the procedure was extremely painful due to the epidermal devitalization associated with the fixation.’
    • ‘We lack too much of that and it would seem to lie at the root of the devitalisation of the major political parties.’
    • ‘These new refugees had already lost their sense for nature and tradition and were the victims of proletarianization, congestion, and devitalisation.’
    • ‘Because of devitalization of tissue, crush injuries are more likely to develop infection than lacerations caused by shearing forces.’
    • ‘The cause of this failure remains unknown, but one speculation is that closure of the bronchus by the staple device was too tight and may have caused devitalization and devascularization of the bronchial stump.’