Definition of devilishly in US English:



  • 1In a devilish manner.

    • ‘She then glanced back up at Alex and grinned devilishly, only this time it had no real effect on him.’
    • ‘Sexual mischief was again on the menu with a delightful excerpt from Don Giovanni, as Ewan Taylor charmed devilishly as Mozart's willingly damned Lothario.’
    • ‘He grinned devilishly, ‘But it's so damn fun to annoy you, Alex.’’
    • ‘Growing from the subsoil of peasant culture and shaped by folk religion, they are seraphic, as in Oleksy's devotional works and devilishly rebellious, as in Mucha's powerful carvings.’
    • ‘With an expression halfway between knowing and devilishly dirty, he stood upright, picked her up in his arms, and kissed her full on the mouth.’
    1. 1.1informal as submodifier Very; extremely.
      ‘their music is devilishly difficult’
      • ‘You'll need, for instance, to come to grips with the devilishly complicated Thai tonal system (even my ultra compact phrase book devotes several pages to it).’
      • ‘But enforcement is devilishly difficult - and many tax lawyers are making things worse.’
      • ‘For they did look devilishly far-flung, except for Visbec.’
      • ‘It's devilishly simple to participate in Porking Friends - read the five ads below, reproduced as they appeared in the paper.’
      • ‘Trees can be devilishly clever, especially when they work in concert.’
      • ‘These are devilishly difficult articles to write.’
      • ‘First is the patia, a devilishly hot sweet and sour concoction available with chicken or vegetables.’
      • ‘A full-bodied meal followed, and some of the more adventurous tykes in the party partook of what can only be described as a devilishly hot curry.’
      • ‘The second movement features a repeated-note motif that is devilishly difficult but that Livingston handles admirably.’
      • ‘This is very rare, even if you're as devilishly handsome as Yours Truly, but magic when it does happen.’
      • ‘If they must be compared to a mode of transport it should be thoroughbreds, fantastic in full flight but devilishly susceptible to injury, each muscle, ligament and tendon exposed to pressures that would break a lesser being.’
      • ‘It has proven devilishly difficult to get fathers to take a larger role in child-rearing.’
      • ‘The thing about vastly involved prototypes of this kind is that once they are constructed it is devilishly difficult to dismantle them.’
      • ‘The cast are exemplary, Andreas Wilson in particular as the lead, and there's something devilishly satisfying about watching an upper-class toff wake up drenched in excrement.’
      • ‘But exactly where hippos sit on the artiodactyl family tree has proved devilishly difficult to discern.’
      • ‘The fluffy chocolate bomb-shaped ice cream was devilishly lovely and the saraga liqueur gave it a real bang.’
      • ‘I'd be frightening were I not so devilishly adorable and totally un-Hand-That-Rocks-The-Cradle-like.’
      • ‘But the real surprise seller is ‘hot whiskey,’ a devilishly simple Irish favorite.’
      • ‘The genius of Lee's film is that it too exploits the American minstrel heritage - the Sambo performances are devilishly powerful - but with a careful emphasis.’
      • ‘In fact, recording locales are devilishly difficult to determine.’