Definition of devil ray in US English:

devil ray


  • A large, long-tailed ray that has a fleshy, hornlike projection on each side of the mouth. It occurs on or near the surface of warm seas and feeds on plankton.

    Family Mobulidae: two genera and several species, including the manta

    • ‘I could tell that David was quite taken with the critters, because on the rest of the dive he managed to miss two sea snakes, one devil ray and a monster barramundi cod.’
    • ‘Here, dense shoals of fusiliers swim with eagle rays and devil rays, and sometimes even more unusual species are seen.’
    • ‘You'll dive up to five times a day along 100-foot walls swarming with tuna, sharks, barracuda, devil rays, and the scattered remains of sunken World War II wrecks.’
    • ‘We watched a school of devil rays circling over our heads, and off the reef, to the south in the deeper waters, a white tip soldiered past.’
    • ‘We saw a school of devil rays here, and dived through a cut in the reef so full of life that my buddy simply disappeared among it!’
    • ‘Charging ‘sumo’ size silvertip sharks in pairs; eagle rays; devil rays; leopard sharks; nurse sharks; whitetips - they are everywhere.’’
    • ‘The fish belong to a family of rays, including manta rays and devil rays, that are known for their frequent and flamboyant jumping, though the habit remains poorly understood by scientists.’