Definition of devil's club in US English:

devil's club


  • A very spiny straggling shrub of western North America.

    Oplopanax horridus, family Araliaceae

    • ‘Thickets of devil's club glower, guarding either side of shallow streams.’
    • ‘A few people today still use teas brewed from the devil's club, Hudson bay tea leaves, roots, leaves, and flowers of various plants that cleanse the body, boost the immune system, and even heal wounds and illnesses.’
    • ‘She hadn't intentionally forgotten to warn him about the devil's club.’
    • ‘The trees were thick, alder and devil's club (an absolutely nasty thicket) on a pretty steep slope.’
    • ‘The understory in parts of the reserve is dense, consisting of willows (Salix sp.), twinberry (Lonicera sp.), devil's club, highbush cranberry, wild rose (Rosa sp.), and numerous annual plants.’
    • ‘There are very few people - other than tourists from the Lower 48-who would venture into devil's club.’
    • ‘Wednesday, July 5 - It is cold and wet among the spiny stalks of devil's club that line the edge of the slide path at 24 Kilometre.’
    • ‘Other plants in the ecozone include salal, Oregon grape, arbutus, sword fern, skunk cabbage, salmonberry, devil's club, western bleeding heart, red huckleberry, old man's beard, red elderberry, calypso orchid, and Viola langsdorfii.’