Definition of deviancy in US English:



  • See deviance

    • ‘‘Without exception the deviancy (in cases where guilt was found) was connected with a sexually permissive environment,’ he said.’
    • ‘I think what it is effective at doing is identifying in our communities those individuals who have sexual deviancy in their past and have been convicted of sexual crimes.’
    • ‘It is different from other related concepts like the ‘prison industrial complex’ and the ‘crime control industry’, which assumes deviancy at least as a functional concept.’
    • ‘You are obviously wedded to the left-liberal analysis of social deviancy - crime etc. as resulting from relative poverty.’
    • ‘Vice, including the deviancy of art, was the prerogative of the elderly, wily north, and in White's novels it ravages a southern society that is only virtuous because it lacks imagination.’