Definition of determinist in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See determinism

    • ‘What Epicurus said is that a determinist cannot criticize the doctrine of Free Will because he admits his own criticism is itself determined.’
    • ‘Other incompatibilists, hard determinists, have a less optimistic view, holding that determinism is true and that no persons have free will.’
    • ‘In speaking of Hume as a determinist, we must, however, bear in mind that this does not in his case carry any pledge of allegiance to a reign of necessity in nature.’
    • ‘Thus the choice between a dual aspect theory and a functionalist theory brings with it a choice between sophisticated libertarian and sophisticated determinist conceptions of freedom.’
    • ‘This was the issue I was raising with my statement that ‘the Christian Church sometimes understates the determinist viewpoint because it makes such harsh punishments seem more merited.’’