Definition of determinable in US English:



  • 1Able to be firmly decided or definitely ascertained.

    ‘a readily determinable market value’
    • ‘If, to give an unlikely scenario, there had been no take-over and the shares had been delisted but continued to trade in the over-the-counter market, the conversion right would still have a value determinable in the market place.’
    • ‘After all, the answers to large-scale questions are in many cases not determinable by the evidence we have before us.’
    • ‘But even more fundamentally, he believed that nature exists independent of the experimenter, and the motions of particles are precisely determinable.’
    • ‘Sufficient original contacts between lithologies can be locally observed such that the original stratigraphie succession is determinable with reasonable confidence.’
    • ‘Only the latter has any objectively determinable market value.’
    • ‘The same schools also debated whether concepts such as justice are determinable objectively by reason or exclusively by revelation.’
    • ‘Each of two parties owes the other determinable amounts.’
    • ‘In the case of triads, RyRs are already identifiable, and their coordinates and orientations should be determinable with high reliability and precision.’
    • ‘Displacements are for the most part not determinable, although some faults displace dykes by distances of up to 20 m.’
    • ‘Upon discovering it was empty the group moved on, passing portraits and tapestries far too grimy to be determinable.’
    • ‘Monies were due by a determinable date without demand.’
    • ‘Although, it was hard to tell, on a day when social status appeared to be determinable purely by the size of your sunglasses.’
    • ‘In summary, we found that several easily determinable clinical characteristics are independently associated with bacteremia in patients admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.’
    • ‘But even if I referred to a table for example, whether I were talking about a figure in a book or an item of furniture would only be determinable from the context and not solely from my use of the word itself.’
    • ‘Investments in marketable securities with readily determinable fair values and all investments in debt securities are valued at their fair values in the statement of financial position.’
    • ‘In emphasizing the objectively determinable market value, Bueckner ignores the value of the dogs as companions and as beloved pets.’
    • ‘Measures of test accuracy are often thought of as fixed characteristics determinable by research and then applicable in practice.’
    • ‘The difference between anxiety and fear is that we fear a particular and determinable being, whereas anxiety lacks a determinable object.’
    • ‘If the costs are to be capitalized, then the next issue is to determine the asset's determinable useful life, if any.’
    • ‘For the investments that have a readily determinable market price, the auditor can check the market value by using various market listings that show the last bid price of stocks and bonds and government obligations.’
    ascertainable, known, definite, clear-cut, precise, exact, specific
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  • 2Law
    Capable of being brought to an end under given conditions; terminable.

    • ‘It may be no more than a licence determinable at any time, or a tenancy at will.’
    • ‘In Mattheus v Doego a contract's continuation was determinable by the entry of Spain, Portugal and Greece to the Community.’
    • ‘The statutory meaning of notice to quit covers a notice exercising a break clause and clearly contemplates that a fixed term tenancy determinable by such a notice is still a ‘term of years certain’.’
    • ‘In any case where a residential contract is determinable by notice given by either party to the other, a notice so given shall be of no effect unless it is given not less than 4 weeks before the date on which it is to take effect.’


Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin determinabilis ‘finite’, from the verb determinare (see determine).