Definition of detailed in US English:



  • 1Having many details or facts; showing attention to detail.

    ‘more detailed information was needed’
    • ‘A new weather service, based at UW, promises more precise and more detailed information than anything that has been available so far.’
    • ‘In fact, they have a lot of detailed information available to them so why the nonsense?’
    • ‘This endeavor is given more precise form by a detailed study of Johannes Klenlok's commentary on the Acts of the Apostles, from the middle of the fourteenth century.’
    • ‘Much more difficult for the North is to satisfy Japan's demand for detailed and reliable information on the fate of 10 other missing Japanese.’
    • ‘An article would permit a detailed presentation of the facts and the citation of specific authority to support those facts.’
    • ‘To solve this problem, a combination of detailed structural information and accurate, time-resolved measurements are required.’
    • ‘However, the results of the paper show that the authors of similar studies should provide detailed information about sample sizes and error estimates.’
    • ‘Identification of the exact defect requires detailed biochemical studies, which are not available in most laboratories.’
    • ‘The Germans had plans to invade and conquer Africa, and for this they needed detailed studies and information.’
    • ‘In this case study, detailed preplanning and precise action resulted in a positive surgical outcome for Mr V.’
    • ‘For the most part, the detailed studies of specific programmes conclude that voluntary programmes have been of very limited scope and effect.’
    • ‘The other significant challenge is ensuring the staff chaplain has current, accurate, and detailed information once deployed.’
    • ‘The fact that the detailed BA prices were only obtained at the last minute has no sinister significance - that would have happened whatever the headline chosen.’
    • ‘Accordingly, troop morale attracted the detailed attention of military and medical authorities.’
    • ‘For the third or final draft, the author should pay careful attention to detailed requirements presented in the journal's author guidelines.’
    • ‘For detailed and accurate information about Bradford trolley buses, I would recommend the several books by J S King.’
    • ‘The website administered an automated screening questionnaire and provided detailed information about the study and investigators.’
    • ‘We approached potential participants privately, gave them detailed information about the study if they were interested and eligible, and obtained informed consent.’
    • ‘These devices allow one to get detailed and accurate information about a pigeon's homeward track without the necessity of following it.’
    • ‘In a short review, it is hard to do justice to the detailed studies of specific writers and topics which are one the main strengths of this book.’
    comprehensive, full, complete, circumstantial, thorough, exhaustive, all-inclusive
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    1. 1.1 (of a work of art) executed with many minor decorative features.
      ‘an exquisitely detailed carving’
      • ‘Then, very detailed work costs much more than ‘low theme’ areas.’
      • ‘For starters, I would purchase a few flats of various sizes, a few small rounds for detailed work and a fan for blending.’
      • ‘The bedrock of Cheticamp's craft industry is rug hooking, delicate and very detailed work done mostly by women in their own homes.’
      • ‘Pastel Pencils are encased in wood, providing control for detailed work.’
      • ‘The detailed work we did in those classes was admirably complemented by the broader brushwork of Patrick Gardiner's lectures on German Idealism.’
      • ‘Oddly out of place, these slightly kitchy slightly ahead of their time, super detailed works done for hire stand out against the sloppiness in many other galleries.’
      • ‘The plaintiff states that the deterioration in his eyesight prevents him from doing fine detailed work.’
      • ‘Akira has a well deserved reputation for being one of the most detailed works on animation ever and Otomo has easily surpassed his earlier work here.’
      • ‘Carves out an existence by selling exquisitely detailed works of art.’
      • ‘While Disney turned out elegant, smooth, richly detailed work, Ub's stuff looked like high-school doodles.’
      • ‘In London there are examples of Hilliard's exquisitely detailed work in the Victoria and Albert Museum and National Portrait Gallery.’