Definition of desulfurize in English:


(British desulphurize)


  • Remove sulfur or sulfur compounds from (a substance)

    • ‘Wet and dry lime techniques can be used to desulphurise the kiln exhaust gases prior to the EP's.’
    • ‘Mutant strains that were unable to desulphurize aromatic or aliphatic sulphonates in vitro showed a different effect on plant growth: strain SN36, deficient in the asfA gene; strain SN34, deficient in the ssuE gene.’
    • ‘Magnesium treatment desulphurises the iron to below 0,02% before alloying with the iron, and for economic reasons the sulphur content should be as low as possible.’
    • ‘A recent innovation desulfurizes the paste, produces lead carbonate, recovers sodium sulfate crystals, and recycles the H 2 O.’
    • ‘Within the past decade considerable interest has developed in the use of magnesium for desulphurizing blast furnace iron.’