Definition of desulfurization in US English:


(British desulphurisation, desulphurization)


  • See desulfurize

    • ‘Some £600m of taxpayers' money was spent at Drax to install flue gas desulphurisation equipment to keep sulphur dioxide limits low - but this will increase the amount of sulphur dioxide dispersion, not only locally but further afield.’
    • ‘In view of the good horticultural/agricultural potential of the area, one of the conditions for clearance was the installation of a flue gas desulphurisation plant to control sulphur dioxide emissions.’
    • ‘Developments in secondary steelmaking such as desulphurization, vacuum degassing, and argon shrouding have enabled better control of steel chemistry and the effective use of microalloyed elements.’
    • ‘For the Tarfaya core samples, the polar fractions were first treated by Raney Nickel desulphurization, to release sulphur-bound hydrocarbons, followed by column separation and hydrogenation of the apolar tractions to yield phytane.’
    • ‘A more recent application of formic acid is for pH regulation of flue gas desulfurization.’