Definition of destined in English:



  • 1predicative (of a person's future) developing as though according to a plan.

    ‘she could see that he was destined for great things’
    with infinitive ‘they were destined to become diplomats’
    • ‘She told us we were brilliant and all destined for great things.’
    • ‘Without him she seemed destined for the same kind of respectable career as fellow Australian Judy Davis.’
    • ‘In the beginning, Berry didn't seem destined for greatness.’
    • ‘Nor Michael Portillo, who has been almost completely absent from the public eye since he was passed over for the leadership for which he once seemed destined.’
    • ‘He was hard, fair, kind and generous, and destined for greatness.’
    • ‘This boy, whom I saw bat for the first time today, is destined for a great career.’
    • ‘He went 15-6 with a 1.62 GAA in the playoffs and seems destined for further greatness.’
    • ‘It was hardly good enough for a group of students who mostly were destined for the priesthood.’
    • ‘He had pace to burn and was always destined to be a top player.’
    • ‘As a young man David McInroy had to come to terms with the fact he was not destined for a career as a professional footballer.’
    • ‘Everyone knows we will some day be a happily married couple, destined for great things.’
    • ‘City rarely looked troubled by a Darlington side renowned for their potency and seemingly destined for a higher division.’
    • ‘Sir Francis's two surviving sons were both destined for active service rather than the leisurely life of gentry on a country estate.’
    • ‘The founder and managing director of Pimlico Plumbers said he was always destined to be a plumber.’
    • ‘Even as a teenager growing up, I felt I was destined for great things during my life.’
    • ‘Sir Frederick entered the Royal Military College in 1921, destined for a career in the military forces.’
    • ‘His uncles played for Belvedere and, from his first arrival, he seemed destined for good things.’
    • ‘He was headed for a starred double-first, and seemed destined for greatness.’
    • ‘Both are homegrown, young and seemingly destined for first class careers.’
    • ‘Prince William, who is destined one day to be King of England, was spotted and photographed on the ski slopes at the exclusive Swiss resort of Klosters.’
    1. 1.1destined to Certain to meet (a particular fate)
      ‘she was destined to become a life-long friend’
      • ‘Now the project is destined to fail unless more women can be encouraged to take part.’
      • ‘"It was supposed to be objective, but it was a project destined to failure, " he explains.’
      • ‘And of the targets set by the Government in 2000, three out of four currently looked destined to failure.’
      • ‘There is something in the appropriations themselves that tells how the processes they ideologically represent and foreclose were, if not destined, then likely to end up precisely here.’
      • ‘Conversely, it's also why Marlon Brando, who had a phenomenal cultural impact in his prime, was destined never to make it into permanent cult status.’
      • ‘Then it was a bitterly divided, gurning sort of town, uncertain about its cultural future, destined apparently to cede ground to the self-confidently expanding Glasgow, City of Culture 1990.’
      • ‘These were but a few of the ships that left New Ross with thousands of people, some of whom were destined never to see the Land of Hope and Glory which they had dreamed about.’
      • ‘The microphone is, of course, not destined to live up to its promise.’
      • ‘The F - 1 thing, I feel that it was a program destined to fail.’
      • ‘They were destined, I am sure, to be eaten in the hotels around the Islands.’
      • ‘Thus was imposed on nationalist people an undemocratic arrangement destined never to yield a nationalist majority for perhaps hundreds of years.’
      • ‘And we are only destined, Matt Lauer said, to grow more numerous.’
      • ‘Log Cabin Republicans' bid for a " unity plank " in the Republican platform appears destined to fail.’
      • ‘But extreme in loco parentis protection of legal adults from their own stupid decisions is a sick and dangerous idea, and one that's destined not just to fail but to backfire.’
      • ‘I am destined never to see this film; either version.’
      • ‘They would probably have been even spicier but for the decision to seed last year's semi finalists, and so for another while longer the big guns are destined not to cross paths.’
      • ‘If ever a game looked destined to end - this was it.’
      • ‘But the steel-fixer was destined not to win a medal.’
      • ‘However, I suspect that we were destined never to beat Gloucester in the Powergen Final at Twickenham, so the result has little long term significance.’
      • ‘To use words with great resonance in the field, disability history seems destined to remain a side show.’
    2. 1.2destined for Intended for or traveling toward (a particular place)
      ‘agricultural exports destined for the United States’
      • ‘Lots of things are still grown here although they are now destined for markets all round the world.’
      • ‘Cartloads of treasures were brought to the surface, destined for the art collection of the King of Naples.’
      • ‘We firmly believe the recovered drugs were destined for other dealers and ultimately the streets of the town.’
      • ‘While this car is destined only for Europe, there would likely be a place for it in the U.S. market.’
      • ‘Fully 23 per cent of students this year failed the test, including over half of those in the applied stream destined not for university but for trade schools and apprenticeships.’
      • ‘The letters were destined for homes in Templars Firs, Dunnington Road and Glenville Road.’
      • ‘Over the next 16 years, the museum saved 16 aircraft otherwise destined for fire dumps.’
      • ‘However, an embryo otherwise destined for the incinerator being put to good use, denies the uniqueness of humanity.’
      • ‘A bomb seemingly destined for the old Jewish cemetery appeared to have gone off early in a nearby street.’
      • ‘But campaigners claim that exempting businesses from the law has given spammers justification to claim their spam is destined solely for business inboxes.’
      • ‘The new owners did not realise the importance of the statue which was covered in dust and was destined for the scrapheap.’
      • ‘A member of staff confirmed that any bags of tin cans left anywhere other than in the skip would be destined for landfill.’
      • ‘The money otherwise destined for the government is diverted instead to the tax collectors' pockets.’
      • ‘The chicken fillets involved in last year's investigation and the current study were destined mainly for the takeaway and restaurant sector of the Irish market.’
      • ‘Finan & Co's Robert Finan said he was unable to give any details of the buyer, or the country for which the murals were destined.’
      • ‘It was destined, the FBI believe, for either the presidential retreat at Camp David, an FBI facility or the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.’
      • ‘At full length he diverted a scorcher destined for the top corner over the bar.’
      • ‘He may well intend a decent slice of the cash destined for Anfield to be drawn, shamelessly, from public funds.’
      • ‘He would have been destined for a residential setting, absolutely no doubt about that.’
      • ‘While the goal-bound effort took a deflection it was always destined for the back of the net.’
      heading, bound, en route, scheduled
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    3. 1.3attributive Preordained.
      ‘your heroine will be united with her destined mate’
      • ‘The elves had long ago sworn protection of the royal house for future safety of its destined hero.’
      • ‘And so my destined soul mate finally walks the earth.’
      • ‘To regain the lost glory and vigour, prosperity and happiness, to fulfil our destined role of spreading real joy and spirituality in the whole human race, let us sing with the Rishis of Rig Veda.’
      • ‘Haskell, like Fobes, never married, yet was a firm believer that education for women should prepare them for their destined role as wives and mothers.’
      • ‘And yet the delay seemed as much as anything else tied to making it as difficult as possible for Martin, long regarded as his destined successor, to claim the position.’
      • ‘But we quickly discover our emotional focus within the imaginative Geruthe, destined bride of Horwendil.’
      • ‘What if a destined couple breaks up or finally gets together?’
      • ‘Facing the south, in one hand he holds the ankus to guide his black mount; the other grips the whip with which he draws you at the destined moment to the other world.’
      • ‘I imagine that if you were allowed to stray from the destined path you might miss out on some critical objective points, but I thought it was almost a little too linear.’
      • ‘The electoral battle has increasingly been between a Republican party machine determined to achieve its destined realignment, and a Democratic party determined to resist.’
      fated, ordained, preordained, foreordained, predestined, predetermined, certain
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