Definition of despotically in US English:



  • See despotic

    • ‘King in this Middle Eastern context meant a ruler who would deal despotically with them, a governor quite different from the constitutional rulers of Europe.’
    • ‘As an additional benefit, military spending also consumes resources that might otherwise be used to woo our power-base of poverty stricken, powerless, despotically ruled zealots.’
    • ‘The famous treason statute of 1352, which had spelt out what was (and by exclusion, was not) treason, appeared not to cover, except by a big leap, what the earl had done in ruling despotically in Ireland.’
    • ‘In the semi-autobiographical ‘East is East,’ the Pakistani owner of a London fish-and-chips shop rules despotically over his unruly family.’
    • ‘But the despotism in certain dingy and decayed tribes in the twentieth century does not prove that the first men were ruled despotically.’