Definition of desirability in US English:



  • The quality of being desirable.

    ‘we agree on the desirability of a negotiated settlement’
    • ‘Those older, heading irreversibly away from their peak, can feel for some time that they are still in the rough vicinity of desirability.’
    • ‘Again, this reduces transport costs and increases the desirability of behaving in a transport efficient manner.’
    • ‘The desirability of living in the countryside has pushed rural house prices way beyond the reach of many agricultural workers, he says.’
    • ‘There is an unequivocal denial of the possibility or the desirability of universal values, ambitions or aspiration.’
    • ‘How much are our senses trained socially to respond to specific aspects of human beauty and desirability?’
    appeal, attractiveness, allure
    advisability, preferableness, advantage, expedience, benefit, merit, value, profit, profitability
    sexual attractiveness, sexual attraction, attractiveness, beauty, handsomeness, good looks
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