Definition of designer stubble in English:

designer stubble


  • Stubble that a man deliberately allows to grow on his face in order to look fashionable.

    • ‘Bill is quite swarthy, and generally has a few days growth of designer stubble on his face.’
    • ‘The pieces range from the 18th century to the 1970s: an Action Man doll sporting bizarre designer stubble is the most recent exhibit.’
    • ‘I was accompanied by Peter, a chestnut-haired, blue eyed 19 year old with designer stubble and a perfect smile.’
    • ‘I quickly learn to brake heavily so that hunks with designer stubble can execute passing strategies that haven't a prayer of success unless I do brake.’
    • ‘In fact, I'm really hoping designer stubble comes back in at some stage, or even better full beards.’
    • ‘His once bouffant hairdo had looked lank and stringy, and the perfectly unshaven designer stubble could not hide the lines on his face.’
    • ‘It is a question he must ask every day as he looks in the shaving mirror to keep his designer stubble in trim.’
    • ‘I gel my hair so it looks cool, and I don't shave so I have designer stubble.’
    • ‘On spotting a stranger entering the head office, an executive asked if the man with the severe haircut, designer stubble and knee-length leather coat was the boss of the Football Club.’
    • ‘He spends hours a day carefully making sure his designer stubble is perfectly arranged like an English landscape garden.’
    • ‘He wears tee shirts and a designer stubble and is always two steps ahead of himself.’
    • ‘He is a mild-mannered fellow, whose only sartorial gesture in this Tour has been a profusion of designer stubble.’
    • ‘I can imagine the grizzled producer sitting there, all designer stubble and plastered grin, chomping on a cigar.’
    • ‘There was some romantic involvement with a rather forgettable and unattractive cop with an angular face and dirty-looking designer stubble.’
    • ‘A thirty-six hour shift merely meant that he had sexy designer stubble and designer-tousled hair.’
    • ‘When I suggest to him that his appearance - the bright orange shirt, rock-star earring, hairstyle and designer stubble - is one someone would adopt when seeking, rather than seeking to avoid, attention, he nods.’
    • ‘He clearly hadn't shaved that morning as his face now sported designer stubble, his attention had waned and his eyes were now roaming the area for some other girl to amuse him.’
    • ‘I swear he blushed under his designer stubble as he said that.’
    • ‘Martyn landed the ‘Gypsy’ tag because of his dark looks, designer stubble and a shining gold ear-ring.’
    • ‘I have a moustache and dark, greying hair and lots of designer stubble this time.’