Definition of designer baby in US English:

designer baby


  • A baby whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present.

    • ‘Who is going to stop someone from creating designer babies by genetic engineering?’
    • ‘But, what about this, if a woman can go abroad to have a designer baby even if it's for a good reason, then is it ok for a woman to go abroad and choose to have a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes?’
    • ‘They also claim it represents an unacceptable step towards the creation of designer babies.’
    • ‘Can we avoid this world of designer babies without sacrificing necessary medical progress?’
    • ‘He addresses this by looking at two cases - human cloning and designer babies.’
    • ‘The last thing we want to see is the growth of a designer baby industry.’
    • ‘The objection to the procedure in this case was that it would lead to designer babies, children born to fulfil some wish of their parents and not therefore valued intrinsically or for their own sake.’
    • ‘The specter of human cloning, designer babies, and genetic discrimination looms on the horizon.’
    • ‘To clarify the definition of a designer baby, the meaning itself is for a newborn to genetically have ‘traits’ that make it desirable for the parents.’
    • ‘It will throw the door to designer babies wide open.’
    • ‘The first work you referred to was part of my lump series and that was looking at the idea of the designer baby.’
    • ‘The decision on so-called designer babies sparked accusations that children were being turned into commodities.’
    • ‘A mother is still waiting anxiously for news which could set her on the route to having a designer baby to save her son.’
    • ‘We did not want to see the growth of a designer baby industry.’
    • ‘Futuristic nightmare scenarios abound about made-to-order designer babies or genetically enhanced super-warriors.’
    • ‘Some rather sad, if usually rich, people may dream of creating designer babies with predetermined characteristics through cloning.’
    • ‘But you can also change the colour of the eye of a person or make designer babies by adding certain type of genes,’ he says.’
    • ‘But we are failing to confront the fact that scientific change is now moving at such a pace that designer babies are just around the corner.’
    • ‘A couple has taken a step closer to creating a designer baby to save the life of their two-year-old son.’
    • ‘Cloning, stem cell technology, designer babies: genes are constantly in the news.’


designer baby