Definition of designedly in US English:



  • Deliberately in order to produce a specific effect.

    as submodifier ‘let me propose a designedly vague criterion’
    • ‘It was not a designedly showcase set, but it allowed these outstanding New York City Ballet dancers to show the strength, agility, perfect technique and intelligent artistry which makes them one of the finest companies in the world.’
    • ‘The bridge designedly causes them to lie across from each other.’
    • ‘A few days afterwards the mayor issued a notice which stated how the heads had been ‘wilfully and designedly taken down and carried away’.’
    • ‘So far its new policy has designedly disenfranchised many eligible disabled and chronically ill students.’
    • ‘Hence it is plain that not fortuitously, but designedly, do they achieve their end.’
    • ‘There is much that people do designedly to exercise some control over their self-development and life circumstances.’
    • ‘But they do seem to be designedly variant, especially where the Alpine setting is concerned.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the Legislature, well-knowing this, has designedly left it to councils to determine at the next stage whether objections should be sustained.’
    • ‘His half-hour speech was designedly devoid of eye-catching announcements and surprise stunts.’
    • ‘By himself, he tends to be slightly frigid, his designedly emotional scenes too obviously calculated’.’
    • ‘Such resistance to the hortatory mode in what is a designedly didactic poem recalls the paradoxical structure of ‘What I expected.’’
    • ‘One is left guessing whether essential marks have been omitted simply through carelessness, or designedly for a mock-modern effect.’
    • ‘But I was tickled most by the rooms of its farmhands and their own kitchen and dining room - all beautifully, designedly rustic - that suggested ‘downstairs’ is the new ‘upstairs’.’
    • ‘Air operations were designedly part of an integrated, joint military campaign, rather than a free-standing enterprise.’
    • ‘Hence it is plain that they achieve their end, not fortuitously, but designedly.’
    • ‘As such he is responsible for his action and ‘very properly receives blame for the offences which he designedly commits.’’
    • ‘This book has covered a time-span that is deliberately broad and used definitions of ‘modern Britain’ that are designedly flexible.’
    • ‘Next comes a treatment of a number of authors who treated music as an imitative art, designedly reproducing the sounds and the feelings experienced by human beings.’
    • ‘No issue illustrates this more vividly than the administration's designedly ambivalent attitude to the country.’
    deliberately, by design, on purpose, purposefully, intentionally
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